The Weaponizing of CPS – Lose Your Children If: You Don’t Vaccinate, You Don’t Make a Dentist Appointment, You Don’t Pay School Lunch Fees, You Don’t Shut Up, Etc.

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As we grow through troubles, we develop the character of Christ—who also struggled much during His time on earth (Isaiah 53:3). His example of selflessness, endurance, and trust in God is an example to us: “Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart” (Hebrews 12:3).

We’ve all heard stories about an angry neighbor or ex-spouse making false reports to Child Protection Services (CPS.) 

This weaponizing of CPS drew national attention recently because a School Board President, acting more like a bully than the director of a school, sent letters to parents threatening to call CPS if their child’s lunch debt wasn’t paid.

However, this weaponizing of CPS has far greater consequences than simply intimidating parents to pay school lunch debts.

It can lead to the death of children, the very children these taxpayer social service agencies are supposed to be “protecting.”

This is what happened to one mother pregnant with twins who was threatened to lose her twins at birth to CPS if she did not consent to receive the flu shot.

Out of fear of losing her babies to CPS, she complied, and her previously healthy twins died shortly later before they were even born.

CPS today is not really focused on “protecting” children, but intimidating non-compliant parents.

Physicians Bullying Parents

baby elijah

Baby Elijah was taken from his mom at birth for refusing to vaccinate. Story here.

It’s not just schools bullying parents with CPS involvement to get what they want.  

Physicians are also pressuring families to vaccinate their children. In a recent story by Health Impact News, a mother was pressured into receiving two vaccines while pregnant with twins, one of which was the flu vaccine. 

When the mother refused, 4 doctors, 2 nurses, and a social worker proceeded to bully the mother into getting the vaccines with the threat of CPS taking her babies away at birth. She ended up getting the vaccines out of fear of losing her babies, but after receiving the vaccines the twins died before birth.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant I went in for a routine anatomy scan on twins. At the following appointment I refused the tDap and Flu shot as I did not feel comfortable with the lack of safety studies.

Immediately after stating my refusal to the nurse she left the room and returned with 4 doctors, 2 nurses, and a social worker who proceeded to bully and harass me for almost 4 hours until I finally caved and agreed to the shots.

I was 21 years old and terrified that they would make good on their threat to have CPS take my babies away at birth if I refused; I didn’t know any better and they used that to their advantage.

At the anatomy scan both babies looked healthy, strong heartbeats and super wiggly. Within 4 hours of being vaccinated I was in the ER following my water breaking and severe consistent contractions.

An ultrasound was done to check on the babies as I had not felt them move in over 3 hours. The ultrasound showed that my babies who had been perfectly healthy and fine 8 hours before were now dead. They were born still less just 18 hours later.


Refusing to be Silent, Parents Come Forward to Describe How their Children Suffered Painful Deaths After Being Vaccinated

dentist letter threatens medical kidnapping

In 2018, a mother received a threatening letter from her child’s dentist office when she failed to keep a scheduled dental appointment.  

The threatening letter was sent from Smiles4Keeps and stated:

“…According to law, failure to bring your child for dental care is considered neglect. Pennsylvania Act 31 (Child Abuse Reporting and Recognition Requirements) states that health care providers must report your failure to bring your child to the dentist for evaluation and care. A copy of Act 31 is enclosed for your reference. Smiles 4 Keeps has not reported your child’s outstanding dental treatment, as of yet. Since this law is in effect, we hope this letter encourages you to schedule an appointment to follow through with needed dental treatment for your child. If you sought a second opinion, please also contact us with the name of your new provider. We would be happy to forward your child’s records upon signing a release form.

To keep your child as healthy as possible and to avoid a report to state authorities, please call Smiles 4 Keeps immediately to schedule a treatment appointment within the next 30 days. With your help, Smiles 4 Keeps can continue to provide you child with quality dental care.”

The full story reported by continues with the office’s response, which claims they are obligated “by law” to make reports on suspected dental neglect. 

Not showing up to one doctor’s appointment is far from negligent. Instead of following up with the family to find out why they were unable to keep their appointment, they chose to send out a threatening letter, using CPS as a weapon by stating their child will be reported to state authorities. See:

Mom Stands Up to Dental Bullying When Dentist Threatens to Call CPS Over Missed Dental Appointment

CPS Used to Try and Silence Whistleblower


Randy Davis with Daughter Cheyenne

Unfortunately, the weaponizing of CPS doesn’t stop and start with “mandated reporters.” State officials are using CPS to kidnap children in retaliation for whistleblowing.  

story first reported by Health Impact News in North Carolina details the use of CPS to coerce a father and citizen, yet again abusing their power at every turn in the process.

Randy Davis is a successful businessman, Chief of the Croatan Native American tribe, and dedicated father to Cheyenne, a former high-school honor student.  

As Chief, he started to question the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council after an elderly neighbor, also Croatan, needed financial help.  Randy began questioning the assistance of the Council, leaving him with more questions than answers.

The deeper he looked into the answers for these questions, the more fraud he began to uncover. 

After compiling enough evidence, he went to the State Attorney General, Senator Wesley Meredith and Senator Brent Jackson of North Carolina. All refused to investigate, one even stating, “Oh, no, not that.”

This prompted Davis to go to the media.  WRAL-TV ran a brief story on February 20, 2014, reporting $740,000.00 missing from Coharie account.

Within 7 days of the media story, CPS allegedly opened a case on Randy, and within another week, his daughter was taken, along with her 14-year-old cousin.

WARNING! Graphic verbal audio material.  May not be suitable for some viewers.

Two months went by before Randy was able to see his daughter.

Both Randy and his daughter were subjected to multiple psychological evaluations, all coming back normal.

At a September 11, 2014 hearing, Randy claims an unprecedented event where the judge said,

“What does this man have to do to get his daughter back?”

The judge required Frank Bradshaw, the DSS attorney, to hand write his orders in full. The order required a psychological examination be affirmed as accurate by the examiner, and in doing so, the case would be dismissed and CPS must return his daughter within 24 hours.

On October 6, 2014, the psychologist affirmed the assessment as genuine. CPS kept Randy’s daughter in custody for another 15 days, which directly violated the judge’s order. His daughter was finally returned on October 21, 2014.

The nightmare for the Davis family was far from over. Within days of his daughter being returned home, Randy received a call from CPS telling him his daughter’s return was a “trial placement.” The judge said Randy would get full custody of his daughter, which makes even a phone call from CPS unacceptable. They went even further by demanding a home inspection, which Randy refused.

Unlike most individuals and families threatened by CPS, Randy was aware of his Fourth Amendment right, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizures. It also sets requirements for issuing warrants, which must be issued by a judge or magistrate, justified by probable cause, supported by oath or affirmations, and must particularly describe the place to be searched and persons or things to be seized. 

In most cases, CPS not only enters the homes of citizens unlawfully, it seizes the children of these citizens unlawfully.

Davis learned by accident a trial was to be held on October 29th to determine if he had abused or neglected his daughter. Randy claimed he was never summoned or informed in any way he was to be at court for trial. A trial which less than a month later had been dismissed by a judge.

At this trial, with no testimony or proof, a judge decided Randy was guilty of “neglect,” but did permit his daughter to stay in his custody.

With so much documentation to expose too many corrupt officials, only a week passed when again, Randy received a phone call informing him he must appear at the CPS office within three hours or face arrest. When he does arrive, he is told there are new allegations made by one of the CPS workers.

Randy, having had enough with a corrupt system, replied,

“If I’ve done something wrong, then file criminal charges!” 

No charges were filed.

You can read the entire story on See:

EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt North Carolina Officials Try to Silence Whistleblower Using Child Protection Services

Lose Your Children if You Don’t Pay Your School Lunch Debt

In the Wyoming Valley West school district, Luzerne County, PA, three-fourths of the students are considered “economically disadvantaged.”

Around 1,000 students owed $22,467.00 in lunch debts, which is an average of $22.47 per student.

Due to this overwhelming debt, the school decided “drastic measures” needed to be taken. In fact, School Board Director, Joe Mazur, insisted the letter “did the job” and said,

“We took drastic measures. It probably wasn’t very popular, but it never is when you try to collect payment.”

Yes, people need to pay their bills. As a society, we know by not paying our bills we will get charged more interest and late fees. Having your children taken and placed into foster care is unequivocally the last thing anyone would expect, especially parents with an average debt of a little over $22.00.

Not to mention the fact the school is part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which offers nutritionally balanced, low-cost or no-cost lunches to children each school day. This raises the question: Was the debt a debt owed to the school because they were footing the bill for these lunches, or was this a “debt” the school wanted for profit? That would certainly explain the extreme measures taken while trying to collect debts from families for little over $22.00.

Nothing has been mentioned about letters being sent to families previously, in regards to these debts, which leaves everyone to assume this was the first and ultimately final notice these parents were given.

The letter stated:

“Your child has been sent to school every day without money and without a breakfast and/or lunch. This is a failure to provide your child with proper nutrition and you can be sent to dependency court for neglecting your child’s right to food. If you are taken to dependency court, the result may be your child being removed from your home and placed in foster care.

[P]lease remit payment as soon as possible to avoid being reported to the proper authorities.”

This request for payment was sent to the Director of Federal Programs, Joseph Muth, who was defended by School Board President Joe Mazur. Disobliging was the vice president of the board, whose dissent is heard in the video below by CBS News. The district’s lawyer and author of the letter state the actions of these parents are “shameful.”

The publicity prompted donations and offers to cover the debt, but the school refused. Much in the same, the publicity also changed the school’s mind in regards to accepting donations, which they eventually did.

An apology letter has been posted on the school’s website.

Conclusion: CPS is NOT About Protecting Children – It is a Weapon to Use Against Non-Compliant Parents

The point is ex-spouses, neighbors, schools, hospitals, pediatricians, dentists, and even government officials are using CPS as a weapon against families and individuals.

How many false reports are investigated? The laws differ by the state in regards to making false reports to CPS but are very clear when it comes to mandated reporters who fail to make a report. These include being guilty of a misdemeanor with a punishment of not more than 6 months imprisonment or a fine of no more than $500.00.

With the ramifications a false report has on family and children, why is the falsification of a report not punished? Yet the laws are “requiring” any mandated reported to make reports on any “suspicion” of abuse, or spend 6 months in jail, or a fine of $500.00.

Without the proper training to assess what is and is not suspected abuse, a penalty of up to 6 months in jail, and/or a $500.00 fine, or like in the dentist’s story, not trying to find out why a family missed an appointment, the reporting of suspected abuse is rampant with false and unjust reports.

For the reporter, it’s a 10-20 minute phone call. For the families, it’s 1-2+ year nightmare, the loss of their children for months or years, on top of the financial devastation of hiring and retaining legal counsel. Not to mention the emotional and psychological trauma the children sustain when they are torn from a loving family and placed into foster care with strangers.

Child Protection Services continue to claim they are overworked, underpaid, and my personal favorite, “have the best interests of the children.”

Stop weaponizing CPS for personal or financial gain. Stop weaponizing CPS to maintain a patient return to your clinic, and stop using CPS to harass and kidnap children from whistleblowers who harm your personal agenda.

Perhaps legislators need to focus on punishment for those who continue to make false or unfounded reports to CPS. If those mandated to make the reports fail, then those who make false reports for personal gain should also fail and be punished.  The same should be said about the hundreds and thousands of unfounded reports made by child abuse pediatricians.

Instead, the falsely accused continue to be martyrs based on the laws meant to protect children and families. These very laws are adding to the epidemic of medical kidnapping in this county that continues to tear families apart.

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allie parker

Allie Parker is a Family Advocate and mother. She is a surviving victim of a false Child Abuse Pediatrician’s accusation. Read her story here.

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